Kafka Helm chart

The kafka helm chart is not maintained by CORD, but it is available online at: https://github.com/kubernetes/charts/tree/master/incubator/kafka

To install kafka you can use:

helm repo add incubator http://storage.googleapis.com/kubernetes-charts-incubator
helm install --name cord-kafka \
--set replicas=1 \
--set persistence.enabled=false \
--set zookeeper.servers=1 \
--set zookeeper.persistence.enabled=false \

If you are experierencing problems with a multi instance installation of kafka, you can try to install a single instance of it:

helm install --name cord-kafka incubator/kafka -f examples/kafka-single.yaml

Viewing events on the bus

As a debugging tool you can deploy a container containing kafkacat and use that to listen for events:

helm install -n kafkacat xos-tools/kafkacat/

Once the container is up and running you can exec into the pod and use this command to listen for events on a particular topic:

kafkacat -C -b <kafka-service> -t <kafka-topic>

For a complete reference, please refer to the kafkacat guide

Most common topics

Here are some of the most common topic you can listen to on cord-kafka:

kafkacat -b cord-kafka -t onu.events
kafkacat -b cord-kafka -t authentication.events
kafkacat -b cord-kafka -t dhcp.events

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