這是一套描述如何安裝、維運、測試與開發 CORD 的指南。

CORD 是一個基於社群的開源專案。除了本指南外,您也可以在 CORD wiki 找到社群的相關資訊。包含比較早期的白皮書與設計筆記,這些都構成了 CORD 的架構


這份指南主要圍繞在 CORD 的生命週期:

這些都是顯而易見的,如果不清楚的話,通常是這些 stages 的關係,可以參考 Navigating CORD

Making Changes to the Guide

The website is built using the GitBook Toolchain, with the documentation root in docs in a checked out source tree. It is build with make, and requires that gitbook, python, and a few other tools are installed.

Source for individual guides is available in the CORD code repository; look in the docs directory of each project, with the documentation rooted in the top-level /docs directory. Updates and improvements to this documentation can be submitted through Gerrit.

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