Deploy ONOS

The same chart can be used to deploy different flavors of ONOS, depending on the configuration applied (configurations available in the configs folder).

  • onos-fabric: a specific version of ONOS used to control the Trellis fabric
  • onos-voltha: a specific version of ONOS used to control VOLTHA
  • onos-vtn: a speciic version of ONOS used to control VTN
  • no configuration applied: if no configurations are applied, a generic ONOS instance will be installed


helm install -n onos-fabric -f configs/onos-fabric.yaml onos

Nodeports exposed

  • ovsdb: 31640
  • OpenFlow: 31653
  • SSH: 31101
  • REST/UI: 31181


Note: This requires VOLTHA to be installed

helm install -n onos-voltha -f configs/onos-voltha.yaml onos

Nodeports exposed

  • SSH: 30115
  • REST/UI: 30120

onos-cord (onos-vtn)

helm install -n onos-cord -f configs/onos-cord.yaml onos

Nodeports exposed

  • SSH: 32101
  • REST/UI: 32181

Generic ONOS

helm install -n onos onos

The configuration doesn't expose any nodeport.

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