To deploy the XOS core and affiliated containers, run the following:

helm dep update xos-core
helm install -n xos-core xos-core

Customizing security information

We strongly recommend you to override the default values of xosAdminUser and xosAdminPassword with custom values.

You can do it using a values.yaml file like this one:

# custom-security.yaml
xosAdminUser: ''
xosAdminPassword: 'foobar'

and add it to the install command:

helm install -n xos-core xos-core -f custom-security.yaml

or you can override the values from the CLI

helm install -n xos-core xos-core --set xosAdminUser=MyUser --set xosAdminPassword=MySuperSecurePassword

Important! If you override security values in the xos-core chart, you'll need to pass these values, either via a file or cli arguments, to all the xos related charts you will install, eg: rcord-lite, base-openstack, ...

Deploy kafka

Some flavors of XOS require kafka. To install it, please refer to the kafka instructions.

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