First Time Installation

Download the helm charts incubator repository

helm repo add incubator

Build dependencies

helm dep build voltha

Install the kafka dependency

helm install --name voltha-kafka \
--set replicas=1 \
--set persistence.enabled=false \
--set zookeeper.servers=1 \
--set zookeeper.persistence.enabled=false \

There is an etcd-operator known bug that prevents deploying Voltha correctly the first time. We suggest the following workaround:

First, install Voltha without an etcd custom resource definition:

helm install -n voltha --set etcd-operator.customResources.createEtcdClusterCRD=false voltha

Then upgrade Voltha, which defaults to using the etcd custom resource definition:

helm upgrade --set etcd-operator.customResources.createEtcdClusterCRD=true voltha ./voltha

After this first installation, you can use the standard install/uninstall procedure described below.

Standard Uninstall

helm delete --purge voltha

Standard Install

helm install -n voltha voltha

Nodeports Exposed

  • Voltha CLI
    • Inner port: 5022
    • Nodeport: 30110
  • Voltha REST APIs
    • Inner port: 8882
    • Nodeport: 30125

Accessing the VOLTHA CLI

Assuming you have not changed the default ports in the chart, you can use this command to access the VOLTHA CLI:

ssh voltha@<pod-ip> -p 30110

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