The GUI is useful for development and demos. At the moment it is not designed to support the scale of data one might expect in a production deployment.

How to Acces the GUI

Once you have CORD up and running, you can find the port on which the GUI is available by running:

kubectl get service xos-gui

NAME      TYPE       CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)          AGE
xos-gui   NodePort   <none>        4000:30001/TCP   2h

By default, the GUI can be accessed on port 30001

To connect to the GUI you can just open a browser at <cluster-ip>:<gui-port, where cluster-ip is the ip of any node in your kubernetes cluster.

The username and password for the GUI are defined in the xos-core helm chart.

Opening the GUI in minikube

The above works the same way when running on minikube, but this helper is also available:

minikube service xos-gui

This command opens the GUI in your default browser.

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